Cortina Digital Forum, the international debate on digital policy “made in Italy”

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The first edition will feature a rich programme with international speakers on digital issues in this era of uncertainty and global reset. Goal: becoming an annual flagship event in Europe.

On April 22nd and 23rd the fashionable winter resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy) will host the first edition, (for 2021 entirely virtual), of the Cortina Digital Forum (CDF), an event that aspires to become the annual winter go-to gathering on digital excellence.

The Forum aims at providing thought-leadership on how to tap the potential that the digital revolution offers to both industry and consumers. The event is free and open to the public trying to bridge the gap between experts from the public and private sector and the general public on the impact that digital has on every day’s life.

Starting from digital in remote areas, the future of tourism, European Recovery Fund, the G20 2021 to the potential of data and artificial intelligence the CDF takes the viewer on a journey about the importance of digital starting from the local communities all the way to the international dimension.

By combining public and private sector’s viewpoints, the two-day debate will eye the greatest challenges and try to identify opportunities, policy solutions and best practices that could show the path forward at local, national and European level.

To recover from the global health crisis and transform this challenging time into an opportunity for growth, it is essential to have the right framework in place.

To this end, the CDF will look at some European strategic priorities such as the European Green Deal and the European Digital Compass and how to foster investments for a sustainable and innovative future that lead to socioeconomic prosperity will be achieved by leveraging data as a driver for growth, knowledge and innovation and by taking advantage of the countless applications of artificial intelligence.

The digitization of remote areas is one of the key themes of this first CDF edition. In this context, CDF  will publish a declaration signed by institutional actors at all levels – starting from local, Italian, and all the way to the European level – which centers around the importance of improving conditions under which rural and remote areas can benefit from technological advances.

In addition, given the urgency to restart tourism, another part of the programme is focusing on how the tourism sector has an opportunity to accelerate change and reinvent itself using technology for a faster and safer recovery.

Among the keynote speakers, the CDF will feature several high-level representatives of the Italian Government (Minister for University and Research Maria Cristina Messa, Minister for Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, Minister for Parliament Relations Federico D’Incà, Deputy Minister for Economic Development Alessandra Todde, Undersecretary of State for Digital Innovation Assuntela Messina), top officials from the European Commission (Director General Roberto Viola, Director Lucilla Sioli, Director Valentina Superti) and from other international organisations such as OECD, Council of Europe and many more. The CDF will take place under the patronage of the European Parliament, the European Commission in Italy and with the support of UNESCO, B20 and W20.

A two-day online event, waiting for the 2022 edition in the Dolomites

The agenda has been designed in the form of thematic panels and provide for the participation of policymakers and private sector in order to guarantee the best possible level of debate; the moderation will be entrusted to professionals who are experts in the sector to ensure adequate depth to the contents discussed and visibility to the positions presented by the various actors at the virtual roundtable.

Among the CDF partners, there are several leading companies in the tech sector such as Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Samsung, Alibaba, Accenture, One Web, as well as from other industry sectors leveraging the digital innovation like Audi and Johnson & Johnson.

The Cortina Digital Forum will be hosted by a dedicated video-conference platform which will allow for the attendance by a broad Italian and European audience, thanks to the presence of simultaneous interpretation in Italian and English. Registration is free and available at this link.

This first CDF edition will be hold online due to the restrictions related to the Covid19 pandemic, but the goal for 2022 is to meet “physically” in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The choice of this location is not accidental: Cortina combines the charm of a ski-resort with its increasingly international role: after having successfully hosted the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships (the first world event organized in Covid times), and is currently it is preparing to host the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

An initiative bridging the digital debate from local to international

The idea of the Cortina Digital Forum started from the passion of Sandra Alverà, Cortina-native, who lives in Brussels, where she holds the role of Head of Government Affairs and Sustainability at Panasonic and is a member of the Executive Board of DIGITALEUROPE. Her vision is to develop a true dialogue on digital issues encompassing local and international dimensions.

Sandra developed the CDF together with Alessandro Da Rold, Secretary General of EU40, who brought his energy and network in the CDF project, and by Riccardo Masucci, Global Director of Privacy Policy at Intel, who has broad transatlantic experience in tech policies. Alverà also involved a large group of professionals working in Brussels and in Italy to shape this ambitious initiative.

Cortina Digital Forum has the ambition to identify new policy paths and solutions by unlocking the opportunities offered by digital technologies to face the greatest challenges of today and tomorrow, and by creating synergies at different institutional levels between public and private sector in Italy and in Europe.

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