Spain’s Statistical Institute to track citizens’ cellphones for ‘sociological study’

Spain’s National Statistical Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, INE) plans to track the movements of millions of Spanish citizen’s cellphones to conduct a ‘sociological study’, El Pais and EFE reported on Tuesday (29 October).

The INE will analyze user’s movements between November 18 to 21, November 24, on December 25 and during July 20 and August 15, using data from the ‘big three’ telecom companies in Spain.

Data however will be anonymized before processing, the INE stressed, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reported on Tuesday.

It is, according to Spanish public television RTVE, a ‘pioneering’ study in Europe, which,  has however generated concern among civil society groups in Spain, worried about personal data protection and privacy issues which are normally protected in the EU under the GDPR directive.

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