Digitising the EU’s construction industry

In terms of digital uptake, the construction industry is the lowest ranked economic sector in Europe.

Following recent calls from those at the heart of the sector, EURACTIV is producing a special report on an oft-overlooked area of EU investment: digitisation in construction.

We examine the current state of play with regards to ongoing initiatives put forward by regulators as a means to accelerate the EU’s digitisation of the construction industry, future challenges for the 2019-2024 legislature, and how digitisation could transform the places in which we live and work every day.

  • Construction: The least digitised sector in Europe

    News | Digital 30-01-2019

    Construction sites across the globe are developing rapidly as firms seek to take advantage of the technologies of tomorrow. However, the construction industry is the lowest ranked economic sector in terms of digital uptake globally, and more needs to be done, according to a leading EU industry organisation.

  • ‘No alternative’ to digital construction, expert says

    Interview | Digital 14-02-2019

    The digitisation of the EU's construction industry is an oft-overlooked area of technological development, both politically and socially. EURACTIV.com spoke to Milena Feustel to shine a light on the sector and explore the direction the digital construction is going in across Europe.

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