DSA: Re-establishing trust in the internet society

Trustworthy digital networks are the starting point for building trust in the digital ecosystem. [Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock]

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a horizontal legislative proposal to regulate the digital ecosystem at large. By safeguarding the rights of internet users, this new legislative framework will play a key role in rebuilding trust in the internet society.

The DSA will act as a lex specialis to the e-Commerce Directive, which has provided the legal basis for the digital economy in the EU since 2000. The core principle is that what is illegal offline is also illegal online, targeting various activities, from illegal content on social media to unsafe products sold online.

Internet intermediaries are the most fundamental layer that connects us to the digital world; therefore, a trustworthy online sphere starts with them. While platforms will be responsible for taking down illegal content, networks have so far remained neutral intermediaries.

The distribution of responsibilities across the different digital actors in the DSA will define the digital space in the decades to come, and the level of trust users will have in it.

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