Re-connecting Europe

This special report, sponsored by Huawei, looks into the synergies at play between Europe and China.

Living under the reality of a global pandemic, the world has turned to digital tools to maintain a sense of normality. As Europe charts its recovery from the coronavirus, there is a renewed sense of purpose with regards to the importance of technology in our everyday lives, as well as the need to employ various technologies in order to meet wider political goals.

This is a new reality for Europe, but also other parts of the world, including China, who now find themselves with similar goals in terms of benchmarks for the future.

This special report, sponsored by Huawei, looks into the synergies at play between Europe and China and examines how both parties are now likely to look to next-generation technologies as a means to meet their shared objectives.

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  • Huawei eyes opportunity posed by EU semiconductor goals

    News | 5G 12-04-2021

    Telecoms giant Huawei is keen to work alongside European companies to help the bloc achieve ambitious new benchmarks for semiconductors by 2030, as the firm continues to face challenges resulting from US trade restrictions.

  • China’s third way on data governance

    Interview | Data protection 12-05-2021

    Last year, China launched its bid to shape global data governance, eager to create its own approach alongside those created by the United States and the EU. Since then, it has been working on a comprehensive data protection framework that could be a game-changer for potential Western investors.

  • Global data transfer uncertainty undermines EU digital ambitions

    News | Data protection 13-05-2021

    Three years after the EU's flagship GDPR data protection regulation came into force, confusion over international data transfers following the landmark Schrems II ruling is hampering new technologies and jeopardising the bloc's digital agenda.

  • 5G: A critical technology for our Green future

    Interview | Stakeholder Opinion | 5G 02-03-2021

    It is high time policymakers recognised the value of next-generation telecommunications in delivering on the EU's long-term sustainable objectives, says Luis Neves, the Global CEO of GeSI, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. He is responsible for the establishment of the Initiative's strategic goals and for overseeing all GeSI's activities.

  • Better together – especially now

    Opinion | Promoted content | 5G 12-03-2021

    Cybersecurity, like vaccines, requires the cooperation of all governments together with the right experts to deliver best practices to the Industry to keep citizens safe, writes Sophie Batas. Sophie Batas is Director for Cybersecurity at Huawei EU. In 2021 the world is …

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