The coming revolution: Europe’s digital transition in a post-covid world

Policymakers and legislators in Brussels and across the bloc have been mapping out Europe’s emergence out of the coronavirus pandemic with a series of commitments for how tomorrow’s digital world should function for citizens across the continent.

From a bolstered programme for digital skills and education to increased cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure, from a push to next-generation telecommunications infrastructure to building up the bloc’s regulatory landscape for digital services and introducing competition reforms to foster the bloc’s SME landscape, over the coming years, Europe’s technology sector will be subjected to a profound transformation.

This special report, produced in partnership with Vodafone, analyses the current state of play for Europe’s digital vision of the future in a radically transformed post-coronavirus world. It draws on the expertise of high-level politicians and policymakers, industry experts and business leaders, in order to chart the coming revolution in Europe’s technological landscape.

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