Towards a gigabit society: from ambition to reality

The development of the digital infrastructure is an essential precondition for achieving Europe's digital ambitions. [Shutterstock]

With its Digital Compass, the European Commission set out its digital ambitions for 2030. In a series of events organised in collaboration with the Presidency of the EU Council, GIGAEurope puts these targets at the centre of the debate, looking at their scope and ongoing progress.

In March, the Commission outlined its targets for the Digital Decade. defining how Europe should become a gigabit society by 2030. While these goals are meant to guide the digital transition, challenges such as the mobilisation of financial resources and buy-in from the private sector cannot be taken for granted.

With these in mind, on Wednesday (26 May) GIGAEurope organised the first of its EU Presidency Event Series to discuss progress and questions facing the EU digital agenda. Particular attention is paid to the development of the connectivity infrastructure, as the key enabler for the digital transition.

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