Amplifying the voice of the European internet industry

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Chris Sherwood, Head of Public Policy at the Allegro Group talks about the partnership between Allegro and EURACTIV:

“The Allegro Group is the leading central and east European e-commerce company. We’re focused across our region on improving consumer experiences of online shopping. We are headquartered in Pozna?, in Poland, and we have about six and a half thousand employees across Europe. So we’re one of Europe’s largest and most successful e-commerce, or indeed, largest and most successful internet companies.”

“We wanted to open up the first office of a European internet company in Brussels because we see a major challenge in European policymaking that affects our industry. Policy makers have perceived a false choice between the interest of an American internet industry on the one hand and the European telecoms industry on the other hand. We really want to make sure that policymakers understand that there is another third voice they should be listening to and that’s the voice of the European internet industry. One of our big challenges is brand building.”

“As a group of companies, many of our sites are actually branded locally and not regionally and therefore we need to be building awareness amongst policymakers of the meaning of the Allegro group brand and the message that sits behind it. And this is where the partnership with EURACTIV has been so valuable. Because EURACTIV is able to help us build that brand in a large number of different ways.”

“The first thing is obviously sponsorship of the information society section on the EURACTIV website, which allpws us put that brand alongside high-quality editorial content on the policy issues that matter most to our company. We also make use of the blog platform which allows us to put our own message, as distinct from the message of EURACTIV journalists up on a platform which maximises traffic and therefore readership of our point of view. Then of course there’s the EURACTIV network which has been a tremendously useful way of leveraging multi-territory and multilingual resources across different geographies. The European internet industry is young, dynamic, positive, optimistic, hopeful… the Allegro Group is a great example of that and so is EURACTIV. We hope that we can infuse European policymakers with the energy and the ambition to make a more confident and stronger Europe for the future.”

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