Artificial Intelligence: Another bubble or a game changer?

European policy makers discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) as its fast development as well as unknown impact raises certain issues. Will AI increase unemployment drastically? How will AI redefine management strategies and make businesses smarter? Is AI the solution to keep the European economy competitive and ensure growth?

However, AI is already part of our everyday life. And there are still open questions, for example, how does AI impinge on data protection? According to a public consultation conducted by the European Parliament Research Service in 2017, 52% strongly agree or agree that AI is a threat to privacy. In addition, there are also concerns about data ethics and liability.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • What role can AI play to make European companies more competitive?
  • Will AI lead to more unemployment as it could make human labour obsolete?
  • How can AI be applied for smarter and more efficient investment decisions?
  • How reliable and accurate is AI for data mining?
  • What are the benefits of using AI to process behavioural data for risk and advertising analysis?
  • Does AI profiling of personal data damage data protection?
  • How traceable and transparent are decisions based on AI?

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