Artificial intelligence in manufacturing: Game changer or just another hype?

Most people agree that artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the way Europeans will produce and consume in the future. However, there are differing views on what the European Union can do to tap the full potential of AI in manufacturing and while coping with possible challenges.

The debate is often driven by pessimistic scenarios such as disrupted industrial structures and mass unemployment. This rarely reflects the daily life of European manufacturers who develop ways to use AI for a more efficient and clean production – and who need a political framework for the use of such technologies. In April, the European Commission published its AI strategy with the aim to facilitate the uptake of AI in Europe.

EURACTIV organised this workshop to discuss how AI is used by manufacturers and the regulatory framework at the Union level. Questions included:

  • Will AI disrupt industry, or will it be just another step in its evolution?
  • Do we need new EU legislation, for instance new liability rules?
  • Is the Commission’s recent Communication on AI appropriate and strong enough?
  • Is the European industry competitive compared to superpowers like the US or China in the field of AI? Does the EU risk lagging behind?
  • Will AI lead to mass unemployment in Europe? What can be done to prevent it?

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