Delivering a connected future

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This article is part of our special report Europe’s gigabit future.

A connected Europe is closer than you might think. An explosion of new digital services is just around the corner, from autonomous driving to e-democracy and virtual reality.

Very high-speed broadband is at the heart of it. Cable’s gigabit networks will be central to delivering the benefits of digitisation.

What’s the role for policy makers? It’s creating and sustaining an environment which nurtures and nourishes investment in these networks. It’s a virtuous circle of investment, innovation, trust, scale and security which will deliver our joint goals.

The cable industry is poised to deliver on its 10G vision of a seamlessly connected future. Operators and policy makers share a common goal. We look forward to playing our essential part in making this a reality.

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The White Paper on Delivering a Connected Future can be downloaded here. Learn more about 10G here:

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