Designing citizen’s apps in Ghent, Belgium

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Today cities across Europe are under increasing pressure from the economic crisis. Although their services have a huge impact on citizens daily lives, they need to deliver more with less.

Today almost everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket. They provide citizens on the move with access to data and services from anywhere. If cities start using these technologies, it could spark a revolution in public services.

Citadel on the Move is helping to make this possible. Our vision is to make it easier for cities and villages to provide their citizens and visitors with the best application available across Europe.

We do this by promoting a “Citadel Approach” for publishing government data and developing mobile app templates.

Open data is the key. It can be used to unleash the creative potential of citizens to develop smart, interactive mobile solutions that can be used on any device, any time, anywhere.

Join Citadel on our open data journey. Make sure your city is on the cutting edge!

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