Digital evidence: Europe’s fragmented crime scene

As the European Commission prepares a new legislative proposal dealing with digital data, expert panelists examine the challenges facing European judiciaries. Conflicting laws, and legal philosophies risk undermining citizens data privacy rights; this create economic uncertainty for digital service providers; and slows Europe’s uptake of cloud computing solutions. Is a new transatlantic framework possible? Our panel discussed this and many related issues. Check-out our event playlist.

‘Digital Evidence – Europe’s Fragmented Crime Scene’

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Part One: Digital Sensitivity
Part Two: Legislative Proposal
Part Three: The Skype Case
Part Four: Council of Europe
Part Five: Reciprocity
Part Six: Due Process
Part Seven: Court Interventions
Part Eight: Economic Damage
Part Nine: Trusting Partners
Part Ten: Reaction Speed

Joining EURACTIV Reporter, Brian Maguire, an expert panel discussed Europe’s digital evidence dilemma, in advance of the European Commission’s legislative proposal, expected in January. Panellists also participated in a question and answer session with the studio audience.

The high-level panel in this programme segment, features:

Cathrin Bauer-Bulst
Deputy Head of Cybercrime Unit at the EU Commission – DG Migration & Home Affairs

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Franssen
Assistant professor at University of Liège; Affiliated Senior Researcher at KU Leuven

John Frank
Vice President of EU Government Affairs, Microsoft

Markko Kunnapu
Adviser, Criminal Policy Department, Estonian Ministry of Justice

With thanks to:
– John Frank, Vice President EU Government Affairs, Microsoft
– The Microsoft Team
– The Estonian Presidency of the European Union

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