Digital Transformation in Financial Services – 2015 EBF Annual Conference

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European Bankers and policymakers met at the 2015 European Banking Federation’s Annual Conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the digital transformation in financial services.

“If it is not on my phone it does not exist. All of our lives are becoming more and more digital. This is what brings growth to our economy,” said European Banking Federation Chief Executive Wim Mijs.

EBF also launched the Blueprint on Digital Banking. It aims at helping to understand more effectively the digital transformation initiated by banks more effectively, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in retail banking. It also explains why banks should be considered as strategic players in the Digital Single Market (DSM).

With the aim of encouraging discussion and reflection among banks and EU policy makers, the EBF Blueprint proposes recommendations on which to build a proper framework for a workable DSM. Recommendations, to ensure that the reforms undertaken will lead to the desired effects: restoring trust, creating a competitive and innovative market, and boosting economic growth and employment.

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