Digital Transformation: The opportunity and getting it right

Digital technologies continue to transform our world. Today, people in every profession and across governments are using cloud computing to work more efficiently and more effectively, to serve customers and citizens in new ways, and to find answers to once-unsolvable problems. Connected devices and IoT applications bring new possibilities across companies, both large and small, while adding convenience to citizens across Europe.

The Digital Single Market Strategy outlines the path for the EU to build the right digital environment – one in which a high level of privacy, protection of personal data and consumer rights are ensured; businesses can innovate and compete; and cybersecurity strengthens the fabric that weaves our societies together.

Technological advances present tremendous opportunities for European entrepreneurs, established businesses and citizens, but of course also raise new challenges, whether legal, technological or socio-economic.

EURACTIV and Microsoft organised a lively debate to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

Questions included:

– Are European regulatory frameworks suitable to address such challenges while also unlocking digital opportunities?

– Do existing barriers continue to restrict progress and innovation across the European Single Market?

– How much progress has been achieved via the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy?

– What are the appropriate priorities for the short/medium/long-term?


Watch the full conference here.


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