Enabling Smart City Services through Open Data and Mobile Applications

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What will change to live in a “smart city”?

There is no single and universal definition of a “smart city”. The smart city of tomorrow will be multi-faceted with a main ingredient at its core: THE CITIZEN

A Smart City empowers its citizens to live better, better move, work better and be smarter consumers.

How is Open Data Transforming City Life?

Cities and their citizens worldwide are discovering the power of “open data”—public data and information available from government and other sources that can help solve civic problems and create new business opportunities. By opening up data about transportation, tourism, education, health care, and more, local governments are helping app developers, civil society organizations, and others to find innovative ways to tackle urban problems.

Now an increasing number of government officials, entrepreneurs, and civic hackers are recognizing the potential of open data. The results have included applications that can be used across many cities as well as those tailored to an individual city’s needs: This is Citadel on the Move !

Citadel on the Move and EURACTIV invites you to live walk through to the easy-to-use tools developed in the framework of this innovative project to teach you: How to open, convert, use data across borders and create a mobile app for your city in an hour?

More info: www.citadelonthemove.eu

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