EU’s top court backs Commission antitrust fine to Intel

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The European Court of Justice confirmed on Thursday the 1.4 billion dollars fine that the European Commission imposed on Intel after an antitrust investigation.

In 2009, former EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes accused Intel of abusing its market position on CPU’s. After the EU’s top court ruling on Thursday, Almunia said that the decision in the Intel case “is extremely important”.

“The fact that the Court of Justice confirms all our decisions, from the penalty to all our objections to an anti-competitive behavior is something extremely important even more in the IT sector, the new digital economy, which is moving so fast and needs clear criteria, not only in our own decisions but also with the ones that comes from the law. It is a success of the European Commission, particularly of my predecessor Commissionaire Neelie Kroes, it is a success of the Directorate General of Competition, and it is a success for all the users that will find they can obtain computers and important parts of them at the lowest possible price, they will have a bigger choice, and with the guarantee that the European Commission is always supervising the good behavior of the markets.” Almunia added.

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