Help Europeans fly #GenerationD

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Help Europeans fly #GenerationD

The video demonstrates some of the possible outcomes of the legislative negotiations on the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the first scenario, #GenerationD ends up frustrated by the impractical nature of the GDPR, and in the second, the GDPR has been modernised and empowers #GenerationD. In the first scenario, Aladdin and Diana want to promote their small business across Europe and take advantage of the Digital Single Market (DSM). When the Genie reveals the lengthy compliance obligations imposed by one possible version of the GDPR, whether they use pseudonymous marketing data or not, Aladdin and Diana fall into despair.

In the second scenario, the Genie is working with a shorter scroll, Aladdin and Diana are empowered by a streamlined process, and recognize the GDPR (embodied by the more modern lamp) as a business enabler instead of a compliance burden.

Our hope for the outcome of the negotiations is for a simplified framework that enhances legal certainty and empowers #GenerationD’s small businesses.

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