Huawei’s Juan Rendon on Broadband in Europe

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What is the current state of broadband in Europe?

There is going to be an increasing demand of broadband traffic over the next five years, and operators need to be ready to address this demand.

What will happen if operators are not ready for increased demand?

For consumers, this means that this will slow down the development of their capacities. It will also slow down the way of living. Overall, the whole society could be left behind in comparison with other cities and with other countries which have already implemented and deployed smart cities.

What solutions are there to help operators prepare for increased bandwidth?

At Huawei we have developed a number of solutions that help to provide end users with a better broadband connection. For example, we are presenting the small cell solutions. Small cells are tiny gadgets that can be deployed in buildings and outside buildings. By deploying these gadgets, it will be possible to absorb the traffic generated by end users.

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