Information, Trust and Elections in the Digital Age

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The stakes are high in the 2019 European elections: not only will Europeans choose over 700 Members of the European Parliament to represent them, the Spitzenkandidat process means the post of European Commission President is also in the mix. Online campaigns are as essential as town hall hustings for candidates, while malicious actors have been attempting to deploy cyber-attacks and disinformation to disrupt democratic processes in recent years.

To ensure internet users can access useful authoritative information about these elections, Google is working with a range of partners on products, features and training programmes, including:

  • Products to provide EU citizens with easily accessible key electoral information
  • Product training and dedicated support for online campaigns for political groups and civil society
  • Deploying Project Shield and Advance Protection tools training to campaign staffers to boost security
  • Fact checking training and news collaborations through the Google NewsLab team

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