MEP Marju Lauristin on e-Privacy and Data Protection

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MEP Marju Lauristin believes that the GDPR is already well known to people from all kinds of companies: “They [companies] come and say that they are starting to implement it and really, for them, now, it is very inspiring. They are not complaining anymore that it is too complicated, that it is too difficult.”

Moreover, Lauristin perceives the new data protection rules as a source of inspiration, rather than restriction: “On the contrary, they find new ways to provide better services, what to do to have innovative technologies. So I suppose that it is really inspiration, not restriction.”

Mrs. Lauristin will co-host a debate titled “Regulating Privacy in Digital Times” on Wednesday 6 September, from 12:00pm, at the European Parliament, as part of the #Digital4Smarties series.

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