The EU’s FinTech strategy: Can Europe compete globally?

2017 will be a pivotal year for FinTech. The European Commission recently published a consultation and the European Parliament voted on its own initiative report in May. Both initiatives will input into an EU FinTech strategy expected by the end of the year.

FinTech is also priority of the German Presidency of the G20 and the Financial Stability Board is due to report on its findings at the G20 Leaders Summit in July.

These initiatives reflect the fact that the emerging FinTech industry is global. While the US has merged the technical expertise of the West Coast with the financial capacities of its North-East, UAE countries are aiming to grow the region as a leading FinTech hub.

It will be crucial for Europe to get its strategy right in order to remain globally competitive.

EURACTIV invites you to this stakeholder workshop to reflect on Europe’s initiatives to build a more competitive FinTech ecosystem. Questions will include:

– What will give the EU a competitive edge in driving forward FinTech capability and investment?

– Does the EU’s financial services regulatory framework drive innovation?

– Is the EU putting consumers at the heart of the FinTech revolution, balancing innovation and consumer protection?

– What can the EU learn from the developments in FinTech in the US and Asia?

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