The Twin Transition: How can Green Growth and Digital Transformation go hand in hand to drive Europe’s recovery?

The European Commission states that “Europe must leverage the potential of digital transformation, which is a key enabler for reaching the Green Deal objectives.”

This idea is reinforced in the New Industrial Strategy for Europe, where it is underlined that the twin ecological and digital transitions will affect every part of our economy, society, and industry.

New green technologies are already here to help tackle the biggest challenge of our time: climate change. The European Commission has long promoted digital transformation to enhance economic competitiveness, while also recognising that digitisation can contribute to sustainability goals and enable the changes needed for a just green transition. The Commission’s twin green and digital goals are seen to complement each other well.

The Fit for 55 packages will drive the transition to achieve the 2030 goal of reducing carbon emissions by 55%, and all sectors will play an important role in helping achieve this objective. Digital technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT can enable speed and scale in delivering the EU’s decarbonisation goals. However, while ICT technologies can help most sectors of the economy to become greener, the ICT sector itself must accept its responsibility to meet high ecological standards.

The Portuguese Presidency listed the implementation of the EU Green Deal and accelerating the digital transformation as one of its key priorities, with a historic agreement on the European Climate Law. The commitments made by EU Member States and the private sector during the 2021 edition of the Digital Days have set the right direction towards a more competitive, inclusive, and green Europe. Yet much remains to be done to make sure we are able to link our green, economic and digital goals.

How, exactly, are digital solutions enabling sustainability gains? Are they contributing to the EU’s green growth now? And what more can be done to stimulate green growth through digitisation? How can the European Green Digital Coalition accelerate this trend?

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