#ThinkDigital interview: What will enable the future of telcos?

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What will enable the future of telcos? Does Telefónica have the same weapons to innovate as OTTs and other players?

In the view of Mr Enrique Medina Malo, Chief Policy Officer at Telefónica Group, “the main enabler of the digital future is to establish a new relationship with our customers; a relation based on – what we call “The Digital Confidence”. We need to let them see the advantages and all the benefits that come from the digital life.”

Moreover, Medina Malo has 2 key messages to EU regulators on investment and regulatory barriers:  “One is to thank and acknowledge that finally the regulators and the Commission are really putting the focus on investment. The second one is about time, to lower down the regulatory barriers. We have been, for 25 years, regulating this market. I think we deserve to be freed of some regulatory constraints, and let’s work on some commercial freedom that will show the benefits of having competitors not only as such, but also as a customer of the so-called “big players”.

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