What is MyNeighborhood?

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Research shows that cities across the world have lost the sense of neighbourhood and community living that used to make people feel more connected to each other and urban environments happier places to live.

MyNeighbourhood aims to create a new and ‘smarter’ conception of the ‘city’ that focuses on people and their well-being rather than just ICT infrastructures alone.

MyNeighbourhood is using new technologies and citizen generated data to help recreate a lost sense of neighbourhood that is rooted in local place, common ties and personal interaction.

This video clip was filmed in March 2014 during the Human Smart Cities Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The conference “Human Smart Cities: The Future of Cities Today” set a stage to discuss the future of the cities and how the vision of the Human Smart City can support the local development in urban ecosystems, by connecting technology, innovation and social factors.

To learn more, visit: http://www.my-neighbourhood.eu

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