Do you speak cohesion?

Do you speak cohesion? [SHUTTERSTOCK]

Do you speak cohesion?


In the first edition of “Do you speak cohesion?” we are breaking down the elements of the cohesion policy or regional development funds, providing a better understanding over the European Union’s support mechanism. We will be explaining what is cohesion policy’s main objective, how it started and which are the main factors that shaped this vital  “engine” for the development of the Union.

The regional and development fund was firstly introduced in 1975 and it was implemented in 1988 after Spain, Portugal and Greece joined the EU. But how does it help today to reduce the disparities between the various regions and reassure the competitiveness of the less expanded economies?

We will also talk about how cohesion policy can help the member states tackle the new economic and social challenges and repercussions caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

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