‘Europass’ set to bring together CV, diplomas and training certificates

The Commission has recently adopted a proposal on the creation of a ‘Europass’ designed to increase transparency and the EU-wide recognition of skills and qualifications.

The proposed 'Europass' document is designed to improve the transparency and EU-wide recognition of EU citizens' skills and qualifications as part of the Union's commitment to lifelong learning. This booklet (which will also be available online) brings together five existing documents covering the following skills and qualifications:

  • the European CV;
  • a list of language skills (the European Language Portfolio);
  • experience of transnational mobility (the MobiliPass, which will replace the current Europass-Training);
  • higher education diplomas (the Diploma Supplement) and
  • vocational qualifications (the Certificate Supplement).

The Commission does not rule out adding further documents to the 'Europass' in the future in order to address specific sectors or skills in more detail.

The draft decision is expected to be adopted by the Parliament and Council by the end of 2004. The official launch of the new Europass should take place during a conference on vocational education and training to be held in Maastricht in December 2004.


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