Eurydice: Number of EU science graduates on the up

The number of science and technology graduates rose between 1998 and 2002, says a Commission-funded report on EU education data.

Between 1988 and 2002, the increase in graduates in the science and technology sectors remained “irreversible”, says a Eurydice report entitled ‘Education in Europe 2005’. Science, maths and computing are marked down as having the lowest share of tertiary education qualifications in Europe and almost everywhere represent under 15% of the qualifications awarded. However, the rate of growth of science and technology graduates per 1,000 inhabitants aged between 20 and 29 ranges between 10% and, in certain cases, over 50%. 

“Student enrolment in tertiary education stands at 16 million and is growing steadily” but the “clear political determination to increase the student population often runs counter to the need to control financial costs”, warns the report. 

The report also notes that “in the new EU member states, the organisation and management of education systems are much the same as in the EU-15” and that “inequalities in access to computer facilities and the Internet in schools are diminishing”.

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