Report: More EU and ‘Bologna’ countries needed in future Eurostudent projects

The ‘Eurostudent 2005’ project says other countries need to join the existing eleven participating countries. The project provides internationally comparable indicators of the social and economic situation of higher education students.

The EU-funded Eurostudent project 2005 measures the social and economic conditions of higher education student life in Europe for eleven EU countries.

The report recommends:

  • More countries such as those in the Bologna Process  (designed to improve national higher education systems) to take part
  • Participation in future surveys to be “more binding”
  • The timing of the execution of the national projects to be improved 
  • The creation of a technical group with a representative from each participating country (The group would discuss questions of project design and project execution in detail).

The report argues for more “information capacity building” to help in the “measuring, monitoring and management of the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area”.

To help member states develop new indicators in education and training for the Lisbon strategy, the Council on 24 May called on the Commission to take account of initiatives such as the social background of tertiary (higher education) students. The Commission will report back with an assessment made towards developing the above indicators .

The underlying aim is to help ensure that the EU becomes “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world”.

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