Study: More international students opt for EU

An American Council on Education study shows that international students are turning to destinations such as the UK, Germany, France or Japan, rather than the United States.

A recently published American Council on Education (ACE) study on “Students on the Move: The Future of International Students in the United States” examines the current trends in international student enrollment in the United States and compares them with those in other countries. 

The study concludes that “among the top six host countries, the United States had the weakest growth in international student enrollment from 1999 to 2005, around 17%”. At the same time the number of foreign students grew by 81% in France, 46% in Germany and 29% in the United Kingdom, 42% in Australia and 108% in Japan.

The report also indicates that China sends out the most higher-education international students, who make up 14% of the total worldwide international population, and that China is emerging as a top destination for foreign students, as their numbers grew 213% between 1999 and 2005.

The ACE report also examines what other countries and regional groups, such as the EU, are doing to attract more international students. “Competitor countries have implemented various strategies to recruit international students, including using national marketing strategies, aligning immigration policies with recruiting goals, offering more programs in English, and creating regional education hubs,” it states.

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