The teaching profession in Europe: profile, trends and concerns Working

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This report is concerned with various aspects of the professional status of teachers, as well as their working conditions, working time, duties and pay.

The teaching profession in Europe: profile, trends and concerns Working

This report is the third in a series of four reports on the teaching profession devoted to teachers at general lower secondary level. It analyses in detail the main components of the working conditions of teachers in 30 European countries and examines the expectations surrounding the teaching profession.

The main findings of the report are:

  • teachers enjoy a high level of job security;
  • the official definition of the working time is becoming increasingly close to that adopted for other professions;
  • teamwork is a requirement in the majority of countries;
  • greater flexibility is required of teachers employed at local level;
  • teachers receive relatively low basic salaries and fairly limited salary increases;
  • the remuneration of teachers is not limited to their basic salary;
  • in-service training is increasingly regarded as a real obligation;
  • responsibility for the provision of in-service training is often shared by various administrative levels;
  • few formal arrangements exist to assist teachers in difficulty.

The full report is available on the

Eurydice website.


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