An Erasmus for SMEs to support the economy

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Building on the success of a first pilot project, the European Commission and SMEs explore the idea of a mobility programme to increase companies’ exports.

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  • Europe needs an Erasmus for SMEs

    Opinion | Economy & Jobs 26-09-2017

    The European project MobiliseSME showed the potential of a cross-border exchange program for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. It is now important that this idea is continued with an Erasmus for SMEs, so to help European companies make the best of the Single Market, writes Stefan Moritz.

  • An EU-wide mobility scheme for employees from SMEs taking shape

    News | Economy & Jobs 29-09-2017

    A recent pilot project for the exchange of employees between SMEs in the EU has shown promising results and the Commission is pondering an expanded, EU-funded exchange scheme for its next budget. A broader scheme on employee mobility, based on the MobiliseSME pilot project, is being elaborated by DG Employment and could indeed be included …

  • Commission official: “There could be an interest in exchanges for SMEs employees”

    Interview | Economy & Jobs 29-09-2017

    Christian Wigand, European Commission spokesperson for employment, speaks about the benefits and challenges of MobiliseSME, an exchange programme for SME employees. He believes the programme could provide added value for some companies but the challenge will be to demonstrate the benefits for the host company of the workers.