Bourgeois: Time for EU, US to speed up TTIP negotiations

As negotiators prepare for the 12th round of TTIP talks on Monday (22 February), the challenge remains for both parties to get out of their comfort zones, and make compromises to reach a substantive political agreement by the end of the year, said Hendrik Bourgeois, the chair of AMCHAM EU’s TTIP Taskforce.

Bourgeois, who is also Government Affairs Vice-President of General Electric (GE), added that the two partners need to take advantage of the political momentum, including the current electoral campaign in the US, which may sharpen ambitions to conclude a deal.

Asked whether the transatlantic business community would settle for a less ambitious deal, he said: “If we want to be successful, TTIP will need to be a living agreement to allow for further regulatory cooperation in the future.”

“If there are still open questions by the end of the year that cannot be addressed, depending on what these things are, of course, I think we would be potentially in favour of seeing both parties reaching an agreement by the end of the year.”

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