Channelling the dynamism of innovative start-ups in the EU

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New technologies are opening avenues for growth in areas as diverse as renewable energy, smart systems, mobility and health. The opportunities to boost innovation in Europe are enormous. Start-ups will be a cornerstone of this economic future.

Deepening the dialogue between innovative companies and EU institutions will help SMEs better understand EU decision-making and procedures, while helping EU representatives gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that matter most to young entrepreneurs in Europe.

  • How can start-ups provide solutions to help develop Europe’s energy future and ensure European companies’ competitiveness?
  • What are the key drivers of investment and future innovations?
  • How can productive links between major companies, research, education, and innovative young entrepreneurs be fostered?

In order to address these key questions and more, EDF and EURACTIV invited three entrepreneurs, finalists of the EDF Pulse Awards*, to present their projects and discuss innovation with EU officials.

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