Climate and Energy: A just transition?

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The European Commission’s Energy Union strategy is very ambitious and will cut across a number of policy sectors including energy, transport, research and innovation, foreign policy, regional and neighborhood policy, trade and agriculture, according to the EU executive’s plan. €119 billion will be invested in the energy transmission projects needed by 2020 and a significant effort in legislative proposals will follow. Solidarity will be the major play card in Europe.

However, in this context, there is a challenge in striking the right balance between reaching energy efficiency, climate change mitigation and creating a socially just employment context. In the long run, it is still unclear how this will be achieved.

Leading up to the UN Climate Conference in Paris, in December 2015, EURACTIV Institute invites you to tackle some of the following questions:

  • What will the Energy Union bring in terms of jobs and growth?
  • How will the EU institutions work together to ensure a just transition for workers and communities? What role is there for the Member States?
  • What are the main risks for sustainable employment in the context of the climate change agenda?
  • How could the workers draw maximum benefits from the EU Energy Union strategy? In what way will the Paris Conference impact these benefits?

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