Enhancing traceability to combat counterfeiting and illicit trade

The definition of new international standards and control processes to fight counterfeiting and cross-border illicit trade is increasingly considered as a priority by industries and policymakers.

EURACTIV organised a stakeholder workshop to discuss best practices in tracking, tracing and authenticating traded goods.

Businesses representatives shared their insights from practical case studies to help tackle the problem of illicit trade through the design and adoption of new technological applications.

Representatives from international organisations and European institutions shared their perspectives on policy developments and regulatory approaches.

In this context, the Coalition Against Illicit Trade will presents its new white paper and recommendations for action at the national, European and International levels.

The following topics were debated:

  • Critical factors governing traceability processes;
  • The role of industry and public authorities for practical implementation;
  • Drivers for technological innovation and industry adoption;
  • Ensuring the interoperability of tracing systems across countries;
  • Improving operational effectiveness, reporting and auditing.

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