EU Summit: Merkel ready to compromise on Greek debt

The Greek question would certainly be raised at the Council summit, “if only in a minor way,” the German Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists ahead of Thursday’s informal Council meeting in Brussels.

Angela Merkel said the Minsk agreement was a ray of hope, “nothing more, nothing less,” and underlined the importance of ensuring that “these words are followed by actions”.

On the subject of terrorism, she said the European Parliament had made “an important decision” on the European PNR this week.

She said she was looking forward to finally meeting her new Greek colleague, and hinted that Germany would consider softening its position on the Greek debt, if the conditions were right. “Europe is always prepared to look for a compromise. When the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then compromises can be made,” the Chancellor said.

Angela Merkel added that Europe’s credibility depended on its member states “obeying the rules and being able to rely on one another”.  

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