European Parliament criticises Greece TV shutdown

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MEP’s on Wednesday condemn the Greek government for its unexpected decision of closing down ERT, the Greek state broadcaster.

Athens yet most drastic measure comes as an attempt to slash public sector jobs and meet the terms of an international bailout imposed by the EU-IMF combo.

‘I’m shocked that in Greece overnight a public radio and television stations had been closed down and this is the Troika that is been blamed certainly in the public sphere what is been said. Stop the Troika, stop it , that what you can do for the image of Europe, stop it now’.

‘I would wish to express my solidarity with those who are on the streets in Greece today, what is got to do with democracy if people simply think that they come along from Brussels and are closing down our radio and television stations , this is the reality that we need to see, but you turned a blind eye to, but there is another Europe, this is a Europe that has a social dimension to it. And I hope that the Commission we produce some tangible proposals’, said S&D German MEP Hannes Swoboda.

The closure of the national television channel will see over 2.600 staff losing their jobs. The Greek government said that while ERT was overspending, it will reopen again in the near future, with a new structure and fewer staff.

The move has caused huge public anger and Greek political parties and unions have called on the government to change its decision.
‘I must say having seen those television pictures from Greece my feeling certain isn’t that the crisis is over, my feeling is that we are sinking deeper and deeper into crisis. And our failure to move towards greater economic integration has pushed us in into the worst European political crisis in our history’, said Verts/ALE German MEP Rebecca Harms

Greek unions have called a general strike as thousands have gathered outside ERT’s headquarters in Athens to protest against the closure.

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