‘Greece needs a humanitarian aid programme’, says Schulz

European Parliament President Martin Schulz said that “The sovereignty of the Greek people must be respected,” after Greece voted “No” in Sunday’s referendum on the EU bailout deal.

“The ‘No’ side has won the referendum with an overwhelming majority and we have to respect the vote of the Greek people. In full sovereignty they expressed a clear “No” to the proposals on the table in the eurozone. This is a difficult day,” Schulz said.

Schulz also warned of the difficult situation that Greece faces and urged EU leaders to discuss “a humanitarian aid programme” for the Hellenic country.

“Ordinary citizens, pensioners, sick people or children in the kindergarten should not pay a price for the dramatic situation in which the country and the government brought the country now. Therefore a humanitarian programme is needed immediately and I hope that the Greek government will make in the next coming hours meaningful and constructive proposals allowing that it is meaningful and possible to renegotiate. If not, we are entering a very difficult and even dramatic time,” Schulz added.

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