Growth in Times of Austerity: What measures to help businesses grow?

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Eurostat data is still showing debt in many Eurozone countries despite severe budget cuts and tax increases. Economic growth is a continued challenge with annual GDP growth now forecast at -0.1% in the EU and -0.4% in the euro area. For 2014, economic activity is projected to expand by just 1.4% in the EU and 1.2 % in the euro area.


European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, stated that the economic austerity policies in Europe have reached their limits and that they should receive minimum political and social support. He also pointed out that we should focus on growth measures in the shorter term, as reforms in the public finances sector would take time to have any effect.


What are the requirements for businesses to grow? Who can create the proper climate for growth and investment, and how?


What are the financial consequences for stimulating growth at national level?


What role does consumer confidence play in this process?


What lessons can be learnt from the US approach to the crisis? Are they really out of recession?


Does growth matter? Is it enough for businesses simply to be profitable?

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