European youth jobless scheme relaunched and explained

Suspended due to a lack of funds in 2016, the European programme to tackle youth unemployment was relaunched this week with a budget of €700 million. French Socialist MEP Isabelle Thomas explained the purpose of the scheme to EURACTIV France in Strasbourg.

The Youth Guarantee scheme, the EU’s programme to cut youth unemployment, aims to help every European citizen under the age of 25 to find a job, apprenticeship or training.

With a budget of €700m for the year 2017, the scale of the challenge is significant: around 25% of young Europeans are unemployed.

“If we really want every young person under the age of 25 to have either a job, an apprenticeship or some form of training, I think the sum should be larger,” the French socialist MEP said.

“We have to be consistent [and give the Union] the means to act. Otherwise, we make great announcements, we make rousing speeches and we don’t have the money to back them up,” she warned.

EU watchdog brands youth unemployment programme a disappointment

An EU programme intended to slash youth unemployment has fallen short of expectations and failed to help enough young people get jobs and training posts, the bloc’s watchdog said in a new report.

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