Is the European Commission too white?

The controversy over France’s burkini ban – struck down by an administrative court today (26 August) – has thrown the spotlight on issues of diversity, integration and multiculturalism.

The European Commission, while being quick to push initiatives such as its diversity charter, and legislation to ensure gender balance in company boardrooms does not record the ethnicity or religion of its officials.

At today’s midday press briefing asked the Commission how it was able to ensure an administration that was truly representative of the diversity of modern Europe without such monitoring.

Watch the video to find out what Deputy Chief Spokesman Alexander Winterstein had to say on the subject.

The exchange also sparked a lively debate on Twitter – so we asked the Brussels bubble if the Commission was too white.

Commission dodges burkini ban questions but says officials can wear burka at work

The European Commission today (25 August) dodged questions over France’s controversial burkini ban but said there was nothing to stop EU officials wearing a burka to work.

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