‘It’s been an eye opening experience’, Luisa says after travelling around Europe for a month

Luisa (26, Germany) is a pedagogue, passionate about music and environment, whose goal is to raise awareness of the need for sustainability on the music festival scene. For a month, she has been one of the travelers of the Road Trip Project financed by the European Commission.

The project brings together eight young vloggers who travel four European routes (Baltic, Danube, Mediterranean and Atlantic) for a month to experience first-hand the EU’s impact on everyday life.

Luisa admits she had “no clue” about how EU funding worked before the trip. Therefore, “to see the impact that those funds have on the region and on the people was incredible,” Louisa said.

Furthermore, she was impressed by how “enthusiastic” and “connected” participants were towards the projects.

Luisa travelled in April and May along the Adriatic and Mediterranean coasts from Greece to France, together with young Belgian educator Louis. During their journey, they met with local influencers, learned more about how the EU actually works, visited a dozen projects and shared their adventures on social media.

Find out what Louisa has learnt about Europe during her Mediterranean trip.

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