Kiviniemi: ‘If we decrease the gender gap by 50%, GDP would be 6% bigger’

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“If we, for example, in the OECD countries, would decrease the gender gap in labour force participation by 50%, by 2030, the GDP would be 6% bigger,” said former Finnish Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi at the Women In Parliaments Global Forum Summit in Ethiopia.

Speaking exclusively with EURACTIV’s Rick Zednik about gender inequality in the workforce, Kiviniemi stressed the economic benefits that would derive from closing the gender gap.

“We have more and more evidence that none of the countries can benefit from the fact that there is this gender gap,” she said.

Mari Kiviniemi served as Finland’s Prime Minister in 2010-2011, being the second woman to hold that position. Since August 2014, she has served as Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD, responsible for promoting inclusive growth, jobs, equality and trust.

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