Nanocyl: A Belgian research-based SME

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Know-how and confidential business information (trade secrets) are important for the competitiveness of European businesses. These intangible assets are fundamental to the innovation and research efforts of many SMEs. Their adequate and harmonised protection across Europe therefore represents an invaluable factor for growth and jobs.

Nanocyl was established in 2002 as a result of a collaborative project between the Universities of Liège and Namur. Initially a start-up consisting of only 2 people, the research-based SME has grown to comprise 45 employees, 15 of which work in the R&D department.

Nanocyl is a global leader in the marketing and production of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and conductive masterbatches. Nanocyl exports its products throughout the world, notably to the Asian market (Japan, China, South Korea).

Nanocyl sells carbon nanotubes NC7000™ (annual capacity of 400 T/year) either in powder form, or pre-dispersed in a matrix in the form of masterbatches or liquid dispersions. Nanocyl products improve the different specific properties of materials in the areas of Transport, Energy, Sports and other industrial solutions.

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