Re-starting the EU economy – How can industry contribute to a resilient and sustainable recovery?

The outbreak of the corona pandemic has posed a serious threat to European industry in both the short and long term, from disruption of supply chains due to transport and travel restrictions, to the loss of suppliers. Most industrial companies report substantial falls in numbers of orders placed or order cancellations. Due to a mix of a weak global economy and uncertainty in business, society and politics, many companies are lacking not only liquidity but also the necessary planning security for future innovations and investments.

Businesses are now facing three transition processes: the digital transformation, the move to a sustainable economic system, and surviving the corona crisis. For a successful recovery, a stable and predictable environment for long-term sustainable growth must be re-established as quickly as possible. Individual nations going it alone, border closures and protectionist measures undertaken by EU Member States at the beginning of the pandemic questioned Europe’s ability to find a common response to the crisis. But the Commission’s EUR 750 billion Recovery Fund announced in May was a strong statement which now must be converted into sustainable success.

Questions that were discussed include:

– How can policymakers help create planning security for companies, including European SMEs, leading to renewed investment and increased productivity?

– Has the Corona crisis damaged the internal market? If yes, what needs fixing?

– Are the selected 14 ecosystems the right choice to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal and a digital and resilient economy?

– Strategic autonomy vs open economy: Can business models depending on exports survive?

Listen to the full event here:

Re-starting the EU economy - How can industry contribute to a resilient and sustainable recovery?


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