Responsible Business Conduct: Gearing up EU action

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The debate in the EU on responsible business conduct has evolved significantly in the past 5 years. Before the European elections in May, it is time to take stock of where the EU is.

But most importantly, we need to look ahead and up the ante on mandatory human rights due diligence, as well as on legislation to ensure access to remedy for victims of human rights abuse by companies.

This event brought together different sectors working towards increased sustainability in the private sector in order to have a dialogue, understand the synergies as well as the remaining gaps in the wider field of responsible business conduct.

Questions discussed included:

  • How do the instruments currently at EU’s disposal serve the purpose of fully integrating the private sector into achieving a sustainable future?
  • How do we bridge the still existing gaps?
  • And how can the EU achieve the target of sustainable business within the upcoming 5-year period?

The RBC working group launched a Shadow EU Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct at the event.

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