Tusk after Ukraine ceasefire agreement: “We have to be cautious”

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European Council President Donald Tusk said on Thursday that Europe must be ‘cautious’, after the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia agreed to a ceasefire, in order to put an end to months of violence in eastern Ukraine.

“The Russian aggression and the fighting in eastern Ukraine are threats to peace in Europe. Today’s agreement in Minsk is good news and gives hope. Hope is not enough. The real test is the respect of the ceasefire on the ground. The first Minsk agreement was not respected. We have to be cautious. I feel this after talking to Angela Merkel,” Tusk said.

EU heads of state are holding an informal meeting in Brussels on Thursday. The situation in Ukraine, the euro, the Greek bailout, and the EU’s work in the fight against terrorism are topping the summit’s agenda.

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