Wroclaw hosts crucial Ecofin talks

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Wroclaw. The fourth-largest city in Poland. Home to 660.000 people and a brand-new football stadium that opened less than a week ago with a high-profile boxing match Between Poland Adamek and World Heavyweight Champion Klitschko of the Ukraine.

But this Friday, Wroclaw is hosting an entirely different kind of fight. A fight o save the common European currency, the euro.

Anyone who is somebody in Europe with direct influence on Europe’s financial
and economic situation will meet here at Centennial Hall, a venue that in the past has hosted famous people such as Adolf Hitler, Marlene Dietrich and Pope John Paul II.

It will be up to the finance ministers and central bankers to find a solution for the euro crisis.

That is certainly not going to be easy.

These crucial talks are not just about saving the Greek economy, or about preventing the Greek government from defaulting.

No, this really is about saving the single European currency, and, as a consequence, about saving the European project.

The question here in Wroclaw is: How far are political leaders in Europe willing to go to save the Euro?

Doing that already is difficult. Explaining that to votes may be even more difficult.

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