Youth (un)employment: What challenges and solutions for Europe?

Youth unemployment is a complex phenomenon affecting millions of young Europeans, their communities and the future of all member states.

In order to reduce youth unemployment and help young people be better prepared to meet the challenges of the job market, the European Commission has launched several initiatives, including the Youth Guarantee and the Youth Employment Initiative.

In this framework, the STYLE Project, financed by the European Commission, has carried out in-depth research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the causes of youth unemployment and to assess the effectiveness of labour market policies across Europe.

To mark the launch of the STYLE e-book collecting the results of the project, EURACTIV organized a high-level Forum to discuss the future of youth (un)employment in Europe. Questions included:
– What are the main causes of youth unemployment in Europe? Which trends can be identified across Europe?
– How can policy improve the transition of youth into the labour market?
– What lessons can be taken from the Youth Guarantee and other similar initiatives? How can they be improved?
– What is the role of education and employers in reducing youth unemployment?

For more information about the STYLE Project, please visit their website.

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